To the Art Centre!

August 14, 2018


The eYouth Project Students headed into the city for two sessions at the Art Centre at The Channel for workshop in Video editing and Podcasting. The Project students had a great time learning new digital media skills.


Video Workshop 


In the Video Workshop young people learnt about how to do an interview from Roslyn, Art Centre teacher. Getting some tips on how to use the camera, where to interview, camera angles and creating good interview questions to have interesting discussion.  Then jumped into recording their interviews with one other with the channel and the city landscape in the background made the perfect place for young people to interview. 


Next the young people got onto the computers, getting a demo from Roslyn from the Art Centre, young people learnt about the importance of editing and how it can make or break your film. Young people worked to create a short video practising their editing skills. 


Podcasting Workshop  


As young people got ready to head back to the Art Centre, in class they created  piece of writing to record for their podcast.  eYouth project podcast range from game reviews, interviews about peoples favourite movies and random trivia. Young people then edited their podcast together with the support of Roslyn.


eYouth Project Students and eYouth team would like to thank the support of The Channel at the Art Centre and the First Call fund for making these workshops possible.





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