Young Achiever of Year

October 15, 2018

There around 42,468 young people, aged 12 to 25, who call Wyndham their home. The mayor of Wyndham, Peter Maynard, enlightened us to this information at the young achiever of the year ceremony on Friday the 5th of October . 


The ceremony is a annual celebration of the achievements of Wyndham’s young people, this year the eYouth Crew were invited to be a part of the celebration. The ceremony was held at the civic centre and the night opened with a buffet dinner and a chance to socialise with other youth volunteers in the community. Talented, young musicians played beautifully on stage and the balloon artist (!) made his rounds through the tables. The night was not only about eating great food and having an opportunity to chat to one another, the purpose was to recognise the hard working young people of Wyndham and the value that their efforts have within the community. The eYouth Crew not only attended the ceremony, they were in the ceremony. The great work that we had all put into the year was laid out before us and it was a chance to understand the positive effect the last year has had on other young people, the community and our own development. It was enlightening to be recognised for the impact we’d had on some of the 42,468  young people within Wyndham. 


The recognition of our efforts was a boost of confidence in our work and a sense of comradery. We’ve come so far since our first meeting in December last year and this was a night of celebration. We finished the night in true ‘eYouth Crew’ form and spent the rest of the time taking photos (in our new eYouth Project shirts!), joking around the photo booth and perhaps staying a little too long. 


All in all it was a fantastic night. It brought home the realisation of the impact we had provided to lives of young people in the community, and the impact it will hopefully have on the lives of the other somewhat 42,468 young people in Wyndham. 

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