eYouth Crew

    Meet the Crew 

The eYouth Project is currently recruiting for new members for 2019


About you


You will have a connection to Wyndham City


  • Work 

  • Study

  • Live 


You are an emerging creative young people 16 to 25 years with skills in:


Graphic Design       Animation             Film                         Podcasting

YouTube                   Photography         Sound Design         Coding

Music                       Editing                   Photography           Website Design


What you will get out of eYouth


You develop skills will to design and deliver workshops in creative passion area


  • Learn about advocacy 

  • Develop Networks

  • Make creative freinds 

  • References

  • Skill development

  • Works Skills 

  • Training 


What you would do


  • Join a committee of young people aged 16 to 25 years

  • Support the co-design of a creative project

  • Develop and deliver workshops to share and showcase your skills

  • Share your adventures via our project website and social media  

  • You will help young people re-engage in education

  • You will learn how to art and creativity can be used to highlight the Voices of Young people and advocate for change


What we ask from you. 


  • Run workshops to share your skills

  • Become part of the Team 

  • Bring your ideas

  • Provide us with feedback 

  • Most important have fun!